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Hard Bondage Sex

2008-Jun-30 - Brandon Iron, Laila Mason


Brandon Iron, Laila Mason

In her first-ever BDSM experience, Laila Mason is faced with a real master of the mind-fuck. She quickly learns who's boss as Brandon Iron punishes her swiftly any time she messes up. Flogging, spanking and clothespins applied to her tits are a taste of more to come. Laila is blindfolded and hanged up in a perfect position to accept Brandon's large member. Tied down in pile driver, Laila's cunt is invaded as she's slapped hard. Done with this bitch, Brandon shoots his cum-load onto Laila's pretty face.
We do the best we can with the models we work with. Laila is not an experienced bondage model and took a lot in this shoot in both the ways of bondage and punishment (it must have been obvious that Brandon's big cock was very painful to her). Take care, Chanta.

-- Chanta

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2008-Jun-30 - Kurt Lockwood, Penney Play


Kurt Lockwood, Penney Play

A nervous Penney Play waits for Master Kurt Lockwood, and that's understandable since she's never been fucked on camera before. Her Master wastes no time in showing her who's in charge, he manhandles his bitch and tears her clothes off before stuffing her ripped panties in her mouth. Then he fills her mouth with his hard cock and orders her to suck hard. With an ass hook up her rear, Master Kurt fucks his slave like an animal from behind. If this wasn't shocking enough for this fresh slave, she goes one better and gives up her ass to her Master, who mounts her with deep and powerful strokes. Satisfied he's found a near-perfect fuck-toy, Kurt shoots his hot cum all over her face, and she happily swallows it all.
(three)Yeah this was a really good shoot. Beautiful model, Lockwood had all the dom action down, the physical, verbal, power fuckings, etc. (eight) One of my favorite ties on a model is the elbow tie and stringent bondage on arms, great look for model when they are flexible enough to endure, which this model spent most of shoot in this type bondage, great stuff! (d) i also like when hair tie is implemented in overall bondage like used here. (another d) From this shoot i can take that model is excellent bike rider, took to cocksucking like duck to a pond. (three) Good ass fucking on bed and nice tie to go with it! (eight) One of the better small tittie shoots i've seen! The overall shoot was great, rate up like a 4.8, i've still got to go off of basic quakin or disturbin down there to factor into chastity/richter scale, (d) off that it gets a 3.0. Split the difference, (another d) i give errrrrrr a 3.9 on the chastity/richter scale this shoot. Something missing, i can't put my finger on it, alot going on, i'll try to figure out! Don't anybody get their shorts in a wad off my labeling this a small tittie shoot, please. Break out your thesauri if needed! Great week to all, thanks for bringing in another beautiful model at Da Factory. (floppys) Hey i tink i figured out what is missing in shoot! i like the blue bedspread on bed, not the red one! That's got to be it! i'm sure of it! (floppys) Respectfully, suzie

-- suzie

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2008-Jun-30 - Marcus London, Gianna Lynn


Marcus London, Gianna Lynn

Locked in the fridge, Gianna Lynn anxiously awaits her fate. Her master comes in and begins to work her over by applying clamps to her nipples. She's forced to cum, which calms her frayed nerves somewhat. Then she's ordered to take her master's cock in her mouth. The slave is placed in tight bondage and her ass is flogged. Then it's time for a hard fuck, her leg is raised and her master takes her from behind. He then forces her to suck his cock, at which she begs to be fucked some more. Spread wide by unforgiving ropes, her hungry cunt is invaded by her master's cock. She's turned over and bound in a doggy position for more fucking, and finally her master unloads his cum all over her face.
This was a very smooth shoot it felt like I was watching a very high quality Vanilla LA Porno Shoot, as Gianna and Marcus are both very Camera Friendly. I was amazed to see a the change in this shoot as Gianna wanted Marc to get rough with her and began to top from bottom. Gianna really started to get into the Rough Stuff for a bit and then go on for the ride but sort of held back before she peaked. The only reason I'm giving this shoot a 4 (4.6) is that everything production wise was technically perfect, but I'm am accustomed to way more psychological/physical intensity in Twisted Factory shoots in order to get my fix than what was shown here. I wouldn't mind having Gianna back as it seems that once she get's more comfortable with the factory, the more intense she'll let the actions in the shoots become.

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jun-30 - Anthony Rosano, Lexi Love


Anthony Rosano, Lexi Love

Dr. Rosano examines a patient for an apparent case of sex addiction. He prescribes some tight rope bondage and shows Lexi Love how it's done. She gets tied up and her clothes are ripped off her hot body, weights are hung from her perky tits and she gets a hard dose of spanking. This heats up her hungry cunt and she begs to be taken by her doctor. But the physician is not ready to indulge his slave yet. He pushes her down on her knees where an ass hook helps keep her in position perfect to swallow her Master's huge member. Ready to dip his stick in his bitch's holes, Dr. Rosano ties Lexi down to the examination table and fucks her hard and deep in the ass. Lexi has some powerful orgasms and begs to be fucked even harder. She's suspended in a ball-tie for some more fucking, and when Dr. Rosano is done he unloads his cum all over her face and leaves her hanging.
why cant any of these girls ever keep there slut pumps on?

-- thredzman1rob

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2008-Jun-30 - Otto Bauer, Sinnamon Love


Otto Bauer, Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon Love is a true sex-loving slave, she will submit to anyone willing to domme her. Otto Bauer ties her and pulls her up by her tits, this and the flogging alone are enough to send Sinnamon in a pleasure trance and she begs to be fucked by her master. Bent forward her blowjob skills are tested and she fails, so Master Otto gags her and takes her from behind. Then he takes turn in fucking all 3 holes. She's getting better. Her sucking off skills are improving. She's shackled in a dark corner and her master continues her training with more abuse of all her holes. Finally covered with a fresh coat of hot cum, Sinnamon is left shackled in her dark corner.
Well, I think she was just fine... and I do mean fine. She is not "acting" so much as really experiencing what is being done to her. And I agree that he was chattering a bit, but it didn't stop him from rattling her tit chains against the sawhorse pretty hard there for awhile. I actually liked the way that she had trouble with the sucking... it shows that she is human and has things that push her limits. Too many of these shoots don't seem to push any limits for the sub... she just gets used, but not much abused. Too many of these girls are like... ho, hum.... yes, a butt slamming... okay, now what? The way that this one shows some pain when things are getting heavy is, in my most humble opinion, HOT. (God, I love it when my master lets me chatter about this stuff...!)

-- bunnycaw

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2008-Jun-30 - Kurt Lockwood, Bree Barrett


Kurt Lockwood, Bree Barrett

Bree Barrett has never been fucked and bound before. Kurt Lockwood is a great Master to initiate the uninitiated into the world of bondage and hardcore fucking. Bound in a tight strapado, Bree is forced to deep throat her Master as she's flogged and punished. Seen as she's definitely in need of training on her blowjob skills, the bitch is crab-tied then flipped over for a deep doggy fucking. More fucking while suspended, then mouth, pussy, mouth, pussy as Kurt breaks down his slave. Following more flogging and more pussy abuse, the bitch begs to be cummed on, and her initiation ends with a warm load over her face.
Bree is a very beautiful model. Her sub demeanor was less than what we sometimes see. I really enjoyed the fact that Kurt made strong use of her sexually and even became a toe taster in the shoot. Bree handled the difficult bondage well and it was ggod to see her really squirming once she had cum and the vibrator remained on the clit. It was the chance to see her really vulnerable and reducing to REAL pleading.

-- execpgh

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2008-Jun-30 - Otto Bauer, Annie Cruz


Otto Bauer, Annie Cruz

Today slave Annie will be tied up and fucked in the ass for the first time in a long time. Master Otto wastes no time in showing his bitch who's in charge. With a hook up her ass and a ring gag in her mouth, Annie is forced to cum. A butt-plug stretches her ass as she's trained in deep-throating, later she's fucked hard in the ass, and this makes her squirt uncontrollably. Tied in a strict strapado, the bitch gets more hard and deep fucking in all holes before being wrapped up in the sack that will keep her until the next time she's needed.
That was some really dirty sex!

-- AssMan

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2008-Jun-30 - Claire Dames, Kurt Lockwood


Claire Dames, Kurt Lockwood

Master Kurt Lockwood is not happy with his slave Claire Dames. He has taken her to a club and she's been toying with other guys. She's taken into the bathrooms where she's bound to a toilet stall, gagged, and left to ponder her deeds. Kurt comes back a while later armed with a flogger and proceeds to tenderize his bitch's ass, then he fucks her brutally after allowing her to suck his meat. Claire has some powerful orgasms while bound and is finally treated to a mouthful of hot cum from her master.
Pretty girl, but agree with Madgrad that she was the one in control during this shoot, and her limits were not pushed at all. Her bratty behavior should have been severely punished.

-- Sierra

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2008-Jun-30 - Kurt Lockwood, Sara Faye


Kurt Lockwood, Sara Faye

Who would ever guess that an innocent, girl-next-door girl like Sara Faye likes to be fucked hard in kinky bondage. She waits for her master while bound in leather straps. First she's flogged and caned all over her tight body, then she's forced to give head, which she does remarkably well. Restrained in a very tough arched position, her Master fucks her brutally hard before making her lick his ass hole. The bondage and sex continue with Sara Faye tied in more restrictive bondage and ends with a face-full of hot cum before she's tied to the bed for the night.
i can Prodomdude, it was opening scene Bobbi Starr/Brandon Iron on here. The blindfold, ice on feet, the hard stuff Brandon was dishin out, a classic shoot on here, for sure! i'm still a little backed up on my reviewin, been my own little personal "ice on feet" lately! So for now, hadn't watched most of it, i'll give it the full rattler, 5.0. Looks like will be a good one. i'm kind of in agreement with Northcut but not completely, just have to really watch the shoots closer and already am trusting in site to change things up before stated that new things are just around the corner! i be stayin for now! Hell, you'll probably have to toss suzie off of here before i leave! Merry New Year! Respectfully, suzie

-- suzie

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2008-Jun-30 - TJ Cummings, Berlin


TJ Cummings, Berlin

Berlin very rarely has sex with men on camera, her thing is being a dominant bitch. But for Twisted Factory she agrees to be bound, gagged, and fucked hard by TJ Cummings. Berlin is blindfolded, her huge tits are bound, and her holes are all made available to her master. With nipple weights pulling on her tits she's forced to deep throat before a mean steel hook is pushed into her ass. The pussy fucking makes her cum hard and she screams in pain and ecstasy as her hungry cunt is flogged in punishment. Then the ass fucking begins and Berlin gasps with pleasure. When TJ is ready to unload his hot cum on her, Berlin begs for him to cum on her face, but TJ creams her massive tits instead.
Two good performers who like what they do, would love to see them work together again when they can get a bit rougher. Too bad there was no tit fucking. Maybe next time. Oh, I had a hard time making out some of the dialogue.

-- Prodomguy

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2008-Jun-30 - Marcus London, Roma


Marcus London, Roma

A shackled and blindfolded bitch is kept in a dark room. Her Master comes to work on her and quickly gets down to business. Roma's nipples are clamped while her mouth is stuffed with cock. She's treated well, she's given a forced orgasm while in her chains. A hook is inserted into her ass and tied to her head, arched backwards she's taken in doggy by her Master Marcus who pumps her hard. Flipped over she's put to more cock sucking and then more fucking until she begs for her Master to cum on her. Finally she's left all tied up in her dark corner and with a vibrator pressed against her cunt.
i just never remember seeing a tanned member! Not like i've gone in search of either! Had to comment! But yeah, Chanta, if you read this, don't invest in a "member's size" tanning bed! OOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!! Stick to some good ole bondage for the package, a little flogging maybe...........

-- suzie

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2008-Jun-30 - Cindy Crawford, Kurt Lockwood


Cindy Crawford, Kurt Lockwood

It turns out Cindy Crawford is a real slut. She teases her detention teacher by spreading her legs open wearing no panties. Kurt Lockwood decides to teach this young whore some respect for the educational system. He begins by spanking her ass to a cherry red, then he sinks his cock deep into his student's throat. Once the rules of detention are laid out he ties her up and begins fucking her like an animal on his desk. Once Cindy cums hard from the pussy pounding, it's time to pay her butt hole some much needed attention. Finally Kurt's slutty student earns her grade by taking in a mouthful of hot cum.
ZZZzzzzzzz... you know what the problem with using porn actresses for this stuff is...? It gets too phony. I found the "role play" boring... maybe if you have a schoolgirl fetish it rocks your world, but otherwise it seemed... um, uninspired. Didn't like this one much at all.

-- bunnycaw

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2008-Jun-30 - Otto Bauer, Savanah Gold


Otto Bauer, Savanah Gold

Savanah is used to getting what she wants from men, she's hot, blond, and has huge tits. But today she will learn that not all men are the same. Master Otto shackles and collars her, and forces her to strip naked. She's bound in tight ropes and the training begins. Deep throat training is followed by harsh anal fucking. Savanah begs for her snatch to be fucked, she promises she will behave and please. So she's gagged and fucked hard. More ass fucking and spanking and finally Master Otto lets his load off on this pretty bitch's face.
Right on, RJ!!!!!!! We know who really "wears the pants" around Da Factory! Unless Brandon Iron involved, which sadly for us, can't be the case for now! So yeah, i'm on board RJ, but this ship were on is going out there pretty far, so buckle up, my friend!!!!! Respectfully, suzie

-- suzie

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2008-Jun-30 - Kurt Lockwood, Sydnee Capri


Kurt Lockwood, Sydnee Capri

Kurt Lockwood sees what Sydnee Capri's t-shirt reads and decides she will be put in her place. He rips her clothes off and let's the flogger do the work. Sydnee's dirty feet are caned and her hard nipples are abused with heavy weights. Kurt forces his bitch to suck his cock while he works and loosens her asshole. Yes, because her ass is about to be fucked real hard. Many pussy and ass orgasms later it's time for Kurt to unload his cum all over his slave's pretty face.
That's Right Anal !

-- Satan

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2008-Jun-30 - Scarlett Pain, TJ Cummings


Scarlett Pain, TJ Cummings

In a first at being fucked in bondage, Scarlett Pain eagerly awaits what TJ Cummings has in store for her. But TJ will be controlling what she gets and when. To begin with, this smart-mouthed bitch is going to have to learn to show some respect, to this end her entire body is brutally flogged. She is stripped naked and forced to deep-throat her master. Spread wide by unforgiving ropes, her cunt is taken by TJ's big dick. She's turned over and taken savagely from behind like a bitch until TJ is ready to release his hot load all over her face.
I'm with you guys... what is UP with the tatoos and piercings?! My master calls her "metal face" and threatened to get a large magnet after her... *giggle* I just can't get with the idea of more metal in your face then would set off a detector at the airport! And YES, she'll make a very scary Granny... *shiver*

-- bunnycaw

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2008-Jun-30 - Tony De Sergio, Flower Tucci


Tony De Sergio, Flower Tucci

A neatly dressed, spectacled secretary is a deceiving look. Underneath the pressed shirt and skirt is a hot and horny slut that wants nothing more than to be dominated by a rough man. Tony needs no invitation to rip this slut's clothes off and get down to flogging and spanking her beautiful round ass. Flower Tucci gasps in pleasure and begs to be given her Master's cock in her mouth. She's good this secretary, who would have guessed how capable she is at deep throating large members. Tony rewards her by ripping an orgasm from her cunt, and Flower lets loose a powerful squirt. Tony takes her cunt and ass with savage thrusts as his bitch is tied down to the bed. More squirting. In doggy, Flower's ass is penetrated to the hilt. The cock is replaced with a mean steel hook tied to her hair that pulls her head back and quite literally opens up her mouth to accept Tony's hot cum.
hot. Very beautiful woman with big well shaped back end done right.

-- c2bcat

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2008-Jun-30 - Kylie Wilde, Kurt Lockwood


Kylie Wilde, Kurt Lockwood

A very hot petite blond bitch has come to audition for a chance to be trained by Kurt Lockwood. Thinking she's doing the right thing she has an orgasm, but it's too early and she didn't get permission. Her punishment is to lick her Master's boots. Bound in a very tight strapado, her body is meat. She's forced to suck cock repeatedly and her cunt is rewarded with several wet orgasms. Turned over and spread open by tight ropes her pussy is opened up perfectly to accept Kurt's hard cock. Next Kylie is suspended from a spreader bar and taken from behind in a hard fucking scene. Finally she's bent over her Master's knees for a solid spanking before receiving a face-full of hot cum.
Hey i really liked this shoot!!!!! Beautiful model again, not really my type kind of floppyless, but hey that is ok by Ghost of, i am similarly packageless down below, but still have something to bring to all this. Loved the roleplay scenario. Mr Lockwood takin care of business, from the "Doctor's role" this time. For me, that what i am looking for in shoots, maybe some roleplay that leads to action...........We all looking for something different, but we can all agree to disagree..... Respectfully, Ghost of Dan

-- Ghost of suzie

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2008-Jun-30 - TJ Cummings, Delilah Strong


TJ Cummings, Delilah Strong

Delilah Strong quickly learns to respect and obey TJ Cummings' commands, a couple of well timed face slaps and some intense flogging grab this super slut's attention. TJ orders his bitch to deep throat his large cock, then he ties her down firmly, exposing both her holes for perfect penetration, and stuffs each one to his satisfaction. He flips his bitch over and continues to penetrate her with deep and vicious strokes. After he's done fucking her ass he forces her to clean up his cock with her mouth. With elbows tied, TJ tit-fucks and face-fucks Delilah until he's ready to spray a powerful load on her face.
I'm now an official fan of TJ. This is an excellent shoot and I would love to see more like this.

-- Mortis

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2008-Jun-30 - Victoria Vonn, Otto Bauer


Victoria Vonn, Otto Bauer

Victoria Vonn is one hot slave. Big tits, tall, blond. Gagged and Bound she waits patiently for her Master. When ordered to she dutifully strokes her Masters hard cock while he whips her breasts. She begs for him to stick his cock in her mouth, and shows she's an expert at giving head. Master Otto places his bitch in doggy and begins to fuck her brutally until she cums on his dick. Otto turns Victoria over and places her in a hard strapado, then he continues fucking her and forcing her to suck him off. Finally Victoria is tied to the radiator where she gives more expert head until Otto unloads into her mouth. Victoria obediently swallows everything. She's left chained to the radiator, just before abandoning her Otto leaves the keys to the padlocks just beyond her reach, and tells her that if she can free herself, she's free to go.
hallo hallo! also this girl is beautiful. i like her SEX thats all.

-- winfried

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2008-Jun-30 - Kurt Lockwood, India Summer


Kurt Lockwood, India Summer

India Summer has made a serious mistake at work. Her boss is very angry that she has messed up yet again, finally it's time to show this bitch some discipline. He takes her down to the basement and proceeds to give her a hard spanking. He strips her down and ties her up. India is forced to deep throat her master and begs for his leniency in allowing her to stay on the job. Kurt gets out a mean metal device which basically immobilizes his slave's whole body. He shackles India up and gets down to some serious bondage fucking. In the end, with a face-full of cum, India is probably trained well enough to get back to work.
When you got the greatest hysterical screamer on earth as a secretary, afflicted by a heavy complex of guilt and punishment from her youth just reactivated here because she dreams at work lusting for sex with her boss, you have only one thing to do : bring her downstairs to the office basement black room for purgatory. On this storyline ground, both models were very good here. I personally love screamer-girls, and Indian is great in this role, with something more : a sort of t*rtured face which is well played. Kurt has good handling for his part, mixing pains for punishment and purgatory sex, and involving himself with India in clip 5 in a great fucking performance. Well, where is my calculator again? Ah, here it is! So, if we add whole orgasms and sub-orgasms (I suspect India to have a few along), we got 8, with 7 from the mere ole-member, because this girl is a deeper, a species in extinction in modern times : a record at F&B to which I raise my hat. And now, because I am a bad guy at bottom, these are the two lacks which deprive this good shoot to be an excellent one. First of all, in the first part (clips 2 & 3), denial play. Just ask India : want to suck my cock (to keep your job)? - India : yeeees, master! And here, hop! Let Kurt slap her face instead of having directly blow job! Second point : in the second part (clips 4 & 5), hard flogging. Why only pure sex? Let Kurt handle, not a fly flier short handled whip, but a good long classical one, and give heavy flogging to India : vertically rigged or doggy, her ass was in right position for this office (and I would have loved to discover if she is able to scream louder). However that may be, a very entertaining shoot and good job from both models.

-- regisjean

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